Happy Holidays from MICE Portal IT Team

Das Jahr - vor allem das Arbeitsjahr - neigt sich nun sehr deutlich dem Ende entgegen. Doch auch unser IT Team hofft noch auf Ihre Aufmerksamkeit und möchte sich Ihnen gern persönlich und mit einer großen Portion Humor vorstellen.

Das Herz des MICE Portals

Bunt gemixt ist unser IT Team, was sowohl die Herkunft als auch die Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten betrifft. Da wären natürlich zum einen die Backend- und Frontend-Entwickler, aber zum anderen auch Designer, Systemadministratoren und Projektmanager, die das Team bereichern. Sie planen neue Funktionen und setzen diese in Absprache mit den anderen Abteilungen um. Darüber hinaus sind sie dafür verantwortlich, dass unsere Nutzer störungsfrei arbeiten können. Zu diesem Zweck monitoren sie beispielsweise die Server auf denen das MICE Portal läuft und greifen bei Fehlermeldungen ein. Selbstverständlich helfen sie den Kollegen auch bei kleinen und grossen Computerproblemen, von der kaputten Maus bis hin zur Neuinstallation des Laptops.

Da unser IT Team hauptsächlich international ist, möchten wir den Blogbeitrag ab hier auf englisch fortsetzen.

There is a wild mix within our IT team in terms of origin, but als knowledge and abilities. On one hand there are of course backend and frontend programmers, but also designers, system administrators and project managers enrich the team. They develop and operate the electronic systems in use in our company. Primarily they plan new features and implement them in coordination with the other departments. Beyond that they ensure that the users can work with our software. Therefore they monitor the servers on which the MICE Portal runs and handle any error messages that arise. Last but not least they help our colleagues with every kind of computer trouble. From broken keyboards to reinstalling their laptops.

The IT team now includes 11 members from many different countries. We asked them to say something about their collegues, so here we go.

MICE-MA-163-800294-edited.jpg Patricia-403218-edited.jpg MICE-MA-181-2-834433-edited.jpg deepthi-rajagopal.jpg Nicola-Web.jpg
Frederik Fix

Patricia Otero

Rafael Sedlmair

Deepthi Rajagopal

Nico Reinsch

Frederik is one of the most energetic person of the staff.  He leads his department with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. If you want to learn how to laugh contagiously ask him for a lesson.

Patricia is our smile master, that always keeps a positive attitude. As UX-Designer and parttime project manager she always finds the stylish solution!

Rafael came from the hotel management job to join MICE Portal IT Team as a project manager three years ago. He adapted to his new role swiftly and became an indispensable member of the team. His superpower is his ability to speak many languages including Czech, Russian, Portuguese and probably even Mandarin (even though he has never admitted that). Besides that, he is always positive no matter what, which makes everyone happy whenever he returns from vacation.

Being an Indian, Deepthi teaches us a lot about Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is pretty modest, even so she is very talented for her work. She draws and is a very artistic person at all.

Nico is from Berlin and some would say, he talks too much. Thats because he is all the time on the phone speaking with clients to get out the best results for them. And he also eats probably the biggest amount of fruits from all IT members.

MICE-MA-332-742482-edited-913084-edited.jpg Diogo-Abreu-Viana.jpg Arthur.jpg Olalekan-Sogunle.jpg NIK500.jpg Dimitri.jpg

Michael Deimel

Diogo Abreu Viana

Arthur Alfredo

Olalekan Sogunle

Alexander Nikolskiy

Dmitri Koulikov

Michael, our Head of Software Development since November, already worked for MICE Portal for several years before checking out some startups in munich. Luckily the working environment in our team is simply the best, so he came back.

Diogo (one ouf our two brazilians) is crazy about chocolates and just learned how to use a vacuum cleaner. Maybe this is because he was scared of Dinosaurs as a kid after watching Jurassic park and he still might be afraid of big noisy monsters since then. 

Dmitri, also known as Dima, is a Russian guy who doesn’t have any problem walking around in T-shirts during a German winter. His favourite German food are boiled eggs and cottage cheese, which he needs in huge amounts in order to handle the troubles when recoding our contract systems.

Alex is our longstay freelancer, he lives in the Czech Republic but is a originated russian bear. He is a talented football player and loves to visit our headquarter in order to get the needed amount of "non alcoholic" Weißbier.

Olalekan is one of our newest team members. He comes from Lagos, Nigeria. He is kind, surprisingly tall,  a super team worker and absolutely "loves" Germany`s wonderful winter weather.

Arthur adapted really fast, even though moving from Belo Horizonte (Brazil, population > 2.500.000) to Attenkirchen (Bavaria, population < 2.500) only ten months ago. He made himself quite popular within the IT-department. Whether this is caused by his hourly sharing of delicious ‚brazil nuts’ (=Paranüsse) or because he keeps our technical infrastructure and test-system alive, is his secret.


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